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Approvals and Communications

Type Download Document Name Publish Date Size
Click to Download DTSC to PG&E – Postponement of Groundwater Remedy Construction April 6, 2020 110.71 KB
Click to Download DOI to PG&E – Orderly and Temporary Shutdown of the Final Groundwater Remedy Construction Field Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic April 1, 2020 138.74 KB
Click to Download NOISE-2 Compliance - Request for a waiver of a sound barrier at MW-Z January 14, 2020 116.1 KB
Click to Download EMAIL - DTSC approval of Topock Compressor Station Soil Management Plan (SMP) November 19, 2019 207.88 KB
Click to Download DOI Approval Memorandum Requesting an Engineering Evaluation/ Cost Analysis at the Pacific Gas and Electric Topock Compressor Station, San Bernardino County, California October 18, 2018 1.64 MB