Topock Site Visits

Listing of Photos showing Events/Meetings
Photo Photo Description
PG&E’s Curt Russell answers a question during the Topock Site tour, February 2014.
Topock Site tour with agency and tribal representatives during a rare rainy day, February 2014.
Topock site tour with agency and tribal representatives, February 2014.
A presentation is given of the project at the Topock Compressor Station during the February Orientation meeting for new team members, February 2014.
Topock Site tour with Tribal representatives of the Topock Compressor Station, April 2003
Tribes observe groundwater sampling at MW-34-80, June 2, 2004
Topock Site tour visit to IM-2 groundwater extraction location at the MW-20 bench, April 2004
Tour of the IM-3 Treatment plant led by the station manager, April 2003
Topock Site tour with Tribes during IM-2, April 26, 2004
Fort Mojave and Chemehuevi tribe members review sampling procedures, June 2004